About Us

Goolwa Riverwalk B&B

Welcome to beautiful Goolwa

We purchased the property back in 2014, and have spent the last three years developing the bed & breakfast. We continue to repair and renovate the old stone cottage, and are proud to have the opportunity to offer Goolwa Riverwalk Bed & Breakfast to our guests.

In addition to holiday guests, Goolwa Riverwalk B&B is also open several weeks a year to offer respite holiday accommodation to families and individuals that do not have the resources to afford a holiday and donate vouchers for accommodation to be auctioned off to raise money for charities. From families who have a member suffering from illness and who may struggle to pay their bills from week to week, to single parents that deserve, but cannot afford, a holiday with their child/ren. We are honoured and humbled to have the chance to give back to the community.

My husband Tim and I both share a passion for gardening, and have made upgrading and beautifying our large garden a priority as time has allowed. Our garden is home to a couple of free-range female guinea pigs, and a pair of free range Fantail Doves. We also have some caged male guinea pigs, 2 turtles (located directly at the end of your private veranda in an outdoor enclosure), a couple of ponds of goldfish, and our beautiful puppies Bunty and JoJo!

For the safety of our animals and your small children, the garden is available for viewing by arrangement only. We are happy to arrange times for you to have access to our garden.

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